Manic Muscle Labs ACP-105 5mg 90 capsules

Manic Muscle Labs ACP-105 5mg 90 capsules

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What is ACP-105?

ACP-105 is a relatively new and unknown SARM, having only been around since 2009 and was developed by Swedish Pharmaceutical company named Acadia. ACP is largely compared to testosterone due to its strong anabolic effects. ACP binds to the receptors in muscle and bone tissue and was developed to be a safer alternative to prohormones and AAS. It has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of roughly 3 to 1.

Benefits of ACP-105

  • Enhances fat loss

  • Starts working almost instantly

  • More effective than testosterone by approx 60%

  • Rapid strength increase

  • Improved muscle recovery speed

  • Explosive power gains

  • Gains of up to 3kg possible in 4 weeks

  • Safer alternative to AAS and prohormones

  • Proven to increase muscle mass and strength

  • Increased endurance levels can be expected

Recommended cycle length

Recommended cycle length for men is said to be 8-12 weeks, while for women the recommended cycle length is said to be 6-8 weeks.


The recommended dosage for men is 10mg per day, while for women, the optimal dosage is set at 5mg per day.

Dosage timing

The recommended dosage timing is split into 2 dosages per day, around 8 hours apart.

Half life

ACP has a half life of around 6 hours.

Best stacked with

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Disclaimer: SARMs Are Banned By WADA And are both sold and Intended For Research Purposes Only. Currently Pending FDA Approval.

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