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I was sceptical as I hadn't seen any reviews yet, and given that test boosters in general have a massively bad rap, but boy was I glad I tried these little gems. Through my own stupidity I had a blood serum level of 2.69 nmol/L of testosterone and I was feeling like crud. 4 weeks after taking these I had my bloods done again, 17.6 nmol/L and I felt the difference before getting my blood work back. Would definately recommend these to anybody.

Brilliant got my order 2 weeks ago and I'm very happy with them I'll b ordering again

Always best

Best stuff and best customer support

Super products

Mk 677 is the best there can be.
Fast results no side efects

This one

really works. I surprisingly can cut the rest time down between sets and feel fully rested. And you know, how it feels, when it's your heavy squatting session.
Helps in my pull-ups significantly too.

Best supplemen ever

High quality Mk 677 gives better results than hgh 4iu
On low carb you can build high quality muscles and lose fat at the same time

Great stuff

Great stuff. Feel strong and no trublles. Yhanks a lot


Strength is up significantly


6 days in strength is up alot reps and kg wise

Great product :)

Great product, quality is top notch, will definitely buy again, comes highly recommended :)

Manic Duo 2 x MK 677

So, honestly. I'm not new to this stuff. Been using MK 677 for a good 3 months straight from another seller and I exactly know, how it should work. And yes, this MK 677 works how it should as well. Same good sleep, smoother complexion, same great feelings, better performance and satisfying pumps in the gym.
Definitely like the idea of making my own duo or triple.

Great stuff

Feel good , no problems at all

Real MK677

I was sceptic at first.. but man this shit is 100% legit. with in the first week i gained 2 good KGs. And yes u will be HUNGRY so y might wanna keep an eye on ir diet.
Thanks Mani Muscle labs am definitely a customer to stay.

Good Clean Focused Energy 👌🏻

Love these!..A good sustained release of useable energy..Gave me great focus inside and outside of the gym...No nasty crash or spaced out Feeling...Other pruducts leave me just jittering in the gym too buzzed out to train...Just ordered more....Perfect balance in my opinion..5 Stars from me

on the razor stack and god does it work
Got my diet on point and 5 sessions a week
2 weeks in and already see a massive change
Cheers Gav



Great seller

The product came very fast to Croatia.

working product!!!!

I just received my one bottle of mk 677 3 days ago! I can feel my skin got better and sleep as well! One "side effect" :D huge hunger comes with 25mg per day!!! will do another comment after 2months!

Lgd Mk Rad Stack

Been on this a week now along with mk and rad . steengrh has increased 10 fold .. Appitite has increased , amazing product. Thank you

So far so good

I've been on this for 4 days and my energy levels are insane. I'm really motivated in the gym with it as well
Did take about 5 days to arrive but that's ok..I'll leave another review when I'm done.

This with GW are amazing

Just read my review of GW-501516. This with that are a great stack.. energy and strength Increases are just crazy! And in a short space of time.


I started to notice a difference after just a few days. Maybe 4 or 5. My energy levels went through the roof and now I never want to leave the gym. Exactly what I needed to be honest. This with LGD-4033 work great together. Plus they're a higher dosed than most others, so these will last me 2 months.


Absolutely loved 'researching' with this compound. Gained 8lb in 8 weeks while dropping body and my strength was nnoticeably increasing session after session.

Powerful Stuff

If you're trying to bulk and struggle to eat enough then this stuff is what you need! Kicks in straight away and makes you want to eat your neighbours lol.